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Live Your Dream Home Ownership Made Easy is SARG Investment Limited trade mark series of product that has a mixture of Site and Service and residential development of housing units that are designed for sell with buyers stake in the financing under a structured mortgage scheme.


SARG Investment Limited has a subsidiary company as SARG INVESTMENT Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited which provides opportunity for to be investors to buy into of our investors and provides the live your dream value.


We have developed a unique position for our product of which quality and comfort come first. Our clients are confident that our product is of topmost quality and will make their buying experience a trouble-free.

Home Ownership Made Easy

Our housing units are designed for sale with buyers stake in the financing under a structured mortgage scheme with a targeted market price that is easily accessible and affordable for consumers particularly within the middle class including private participants earning a steady income.

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We are a defined Leading-edge consumer goods enterprise, strive in pursuit of excellence in all sectors of our businesses.